Indian English
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The thirty-seventh Commonwealth parliamentary conference ended in New Delhi today <,> with the renewed pledge by parliamentarians to work for peace unity and betterment of mankind
The army and the navy have been alerted <,> to meet any threat of the cyclonic storm <,> likely to hit the coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu 
I <,> feel that <,> the US can offer us some insight <,> as to how to organise <,> our ever-evolving political system 
The early British responses are to be understood <,> I think in the context of the <,> colonial situation that existed at that time <,> characterised by the <,> master-slave relationship <,> tempered by the teacher-student relationship <,> of <,> of uh liberal encouragement and patronage
A whole host of writers and novelists <,> spoke frankly of the positive consequences of adultery
And nowadays everybody considers<,> this particular speech delivered by <,> Emerson as <,> uh the literary Declaration of Independence
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