East African English
Sample sound files from the ICE East Africa Corpus
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The Ministry of Education has been asked to consider providing on the job training to untrained primary school teachers with long service instead of offering them places in teacher training colleges
The Austrian ambassador to Kenya Doctor Paul Hartig has hailed the Kenyan government for its economic success <,> despite numerous socioeconomic and political changes in the recent years
Japanese peacekeepers in Zaire will consider whether to open fire to defend aid workers or other threatened people
A dozen UN military observors arrived in Port Au Prince aboard a US military transport plane <,> to monitor the US intervention to restore democracy in Haiti
This theme <,> is relevant because the provision of essential social services <,> to the people <,> has been the cons the consistent commitment of the government of Tanzania <,> since nineteen sixties
In implementing that policy <,> the government has invested substantial resources in the field of education <,> health <,> housing <,> water supply <,> and sanitation 
That was done <,> with the valuable support and assistance <,> of friendly countries <,> some of which <,> are represented <,> at this seminar
The results achieved <,> are spectacular
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