Philippine English
Sample sound files from the Philippines Corpus
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We analysed eight teachers' manuals written by thirteen textbook writers
It is not by faith Rizal contends <,> but by reasoning <,> and by necessity <,> that he firmly believes in the existence of the Creator
Before I proceed to the task of reviewing these contributions to Iloco studies <,> let me take let me take issue <,> with the term Iloco
Uhm now of course motivation <,> can be achieved in many ways cos you can get human beings to do <,> to do what you want them to do through many <,> a whole range of of tactics no from torture to pleading
Uhm <,> this paper will discuss the present language policy of the Commission on Higher Education
We have a parasite <,> inside a red blood cell <,> recognised by the relevant monoclonal antibodies
This is uh how I looked like <,> uh during the ten months postdoctoral <,> fellowship where I had to conduct <,> the study <,> the results of which I will be presenting to you this morning
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