Jamaican English
Sample sound files from the Jamaican Corpus
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Uhm our people migrate at a very high rate
What it means is the value of the money in your pocket <,> is declining
Do you think we could ever come to a time where we are that advanced in our political <,> uhm sophistication
We need some common and shared strategies to cope <,> with problems that are generic to the region
And I am prepared to bet you <,> those fifty-seven acres of land and my house <,> against one dollar <,> that you cannot produce a tape on which I said that
Just this morning I heard the news <,> that uhm an amount of money was voted <,> uhm through cabinet yesterday
So we welcome into yet another landfall our master mariner <,> Walcott <,> who has been doggedly and masterfully managing his craft <,> for fifty years
My great-grandmother on my father's side is a Maroon was a Maroon from Accompong 
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