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We always welcome new research teams ot the ICE project, and hope that the number of teams will increase in the coming years. If you wish to compile a corpus of your own national or regional variety of English, it makes sense to do so under the auspices of ICE. We can provide full documentation as well as software to assist in annotation and POS tagging. We will also distribute the corpus for non-profit academic research when it is completed.

Please be aware, however, that we cannot provide any funding. It is the responsibility of each ICE team to secure its own research funding.

Please bear in mind too that the ICE project collects data from countries in which English is the first language or a second official language. If this is not the case in your country, you might be interested in joining the International Corpus of Learner English (ICLE) project instead.

If you are thinking of joining the ICE project, or would like any further information, please contact the ICE Project Coordinator, Gerald Nelson




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