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The Sri Lankan component of ICE is 
based at the University of Giessen, Germany.


Professor Dr Joybrato Mukherjee
Department of English
University of Giessen

Tobias Bernaisch
University of Giessen

Dr Dushyanthi Mendis
School of Computing
University of Colombo
Sri Lanka



The Constitution of Sri Lanka specifies in its section on 'official languages' that Sinhala and Tamil are the 'national languages' of Sri Lanka, while English is labelled a 'link language'. English is used by many Sri Lankans as their second language. There is also a small group of L1 speakers of English in Sri Lanka. As Mesthrie and Bhatt (2008: 200) point out, "Sri Lankan English is not simply 'English in Sri Lanka', but a variety with a certain regional and social identity."
Population: c. 23 million.

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Mukherjee, J. Schilk, M. & T. Bernaisch (2010) Compiling the Sr Lankan component of ICE: principles, problems, prospects. ICAME Journal 34: 64-77.


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