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The ICE Ireland project includes both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and was carried out at The Queen's University Belfast and Trinity College Dublin.

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Dr John Kirk
4 Parkvue Manor
Gilnahirk Park

Belfast BT5 7TJ
Northern Ireland


Dr Jeffrey Kallen
Centre for Language and Communication Studies
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2



English has been spoken in Ireland since the sixteenth century. By 1800, it was regularly used by around 50% of the population, and is now the first language of 98-99% of the population (McArthur 1992). The remaining 1-2% speak Irish Gaelic. In the Republic of Ireland, Irish Gaelic is the official language, with English designated as the 'second official language'. Population: c.3.8 million (Republic), c.1.6 million (Northern Ireland).

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